Thursday, January 21, 2010

in which life gets in the way

so i woke up tuesday morning sooo sore. i felt like i had been punched in the ribs. i was expecting it and got ready to work out, did the warm up, and then when it was time to start with push-ups the only thought running through my head was "yeah right!" so i turned off the dvd and decided that i would do the shred every other day for the first couple weeks. i may do yoga on my off days and then take sat & sun off. we are usually out and about so much on the weekends. anyways, so then yesterday was suppose to be a shred day but my sweet little girl had other plans. she has decided to cut 3-4 teeth at once and didn't nap at all for me, being unbelievably clingy. c'est la vie. i'm not getting off to a very good start but i'm just trying not to beat myself up over it and use it to push myself even harder next time.

Monday, January 18, 2010

day 1

YIKES! so i started Jillian Michaels' "30 day shred" today after hearing so much buzz about it. i'm hoping that it will be my go-to work out while the weather is still too gross and dark for running outside. i started running with my sister this past fall and was just starting to really enjoy it, crave it even, when the weather started to get really cold and wet. the wet i can deal with, but when it comes to running in the cold i'm a big baby and just really struggle with it. my daughter was also at a really clingy stage at that point and would scream the entire time i was gone.

anyways it's a new year and a fresh start. i figure that seeing as how i turned 28 last week it was time to get serious and get in shape so that i'm not heading into my next decade over weight and out of shape. i have a hard time excepting that i have as much weight to loose as i do. i don't think it's even the amount of weight so much as how long i've let it go and how much i've let it effect my identity and day-to-day life.

i want a change. i want myself back.

this is my journey to a better me.