Wednesday, May 12, 2010

week 2

Alright so today is weigh-in day and I won't lie that I'm disappointed with my very small loss of half a lb this week. I know I should just be glad it wasn't a gain but honestly I'm having to try really hard not to let this suck the wind from my sails. Silly, I know. I'm down 10lbs this month which was my goal so why am I letting this small loss over-shadow my achievement? I don't know but I need to find a way to stay motivated. I think I'm just feeling a little down all around. Blah I need to snap out of it!


I did really great at my water intake this week and did ok on only eating when hungry, but i get a FAIL for stretching everyday. I have, however, been hula hooping (almost) everyday and have gone out a couple of times for a run/walk so that has to count for something right? Right? It felt great to get back to running especially the first day I went out. What I'm really loving though is hooping. It's something I can do with the kids that's fun and I find it relaxing and it get's me sweating and my heart pumping pretty good. I finally dug out my yoga DVD and did a work out last night. Boy I'd forgotten how challenging, in a good way, it is. It showed me that I need to work on my balance and strength a LOT.

I feel very lucky to have my husband. He's a good friend that I can complain to when I'm feeling discouraged and always finds a way to prop me back up and reassure me that I can do this and that he believes in me. I don't take that for granted.

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