Wednesday, April 28, 2010

challenging myself

Sisterhood 21-Days Challenge

I've recently been spending some time over at the 'hood and they've just started a new challenge that I'm really excited about participating in. Ok, so in a nutshell the challenge is to choose new, healthy, habits you'd like to have and commit to doing them every day for the next 21 days. I really love this because I think the key to maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle is not about what 'diet' or whatever will get you there fastest it's about making the conscious choice to make small changes and stick with them until they are second nature. I really think that if I want to be successful (and I believe I can) I have to be more aware of what I choose to put in my mouth and how active I am. Anyways, I've been pondering all day what habits I want to choose. I feel a little hindered by the fact that I'm recovering from shin splints at the moment but I just need to jump (off this computer chair) with both feet because if I'm going to make excuses there will always be something to stop me. Ok, so here I go:
    • I've been trying to up my water intake in the last couple weeks and I can already notice a difference but I want the first thing I put in my body in the morning and the last thing at night to be water. Too often I start the day with tea/coffee or nothing and wind up well into the day before drinking anything or drink nothing but tea all day.
    • I want to start stretching everyday whether it's 5 0r 10 minutes of stretching or a yoga DVD.
    • Only eat when I'm hungry. Seems simple but I'm bad for mindlessly snacking if I'm bored
      Alright there it is. I'll update to let you know how it's going.

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      1. I agree with you! It's not just about diet and changing the way you eat, it's about making healthy choices all around in life... Making healthy choices with food, water, exercise and how you sleep. :) I'm doing the 21 Day Challenge too.

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