Friday, April 23, 2010


My run monday did not go well. At. All. My Shin pain was still pretty bad when I headed out. I did my regular 5 min. warm up walk and then I stopped and stretched a bit and then headed off into my run. Right away my calves started getting tight and I tried various things to relax them, tried just ignoring them and focusing on the music. I made it through two running intervals and then I just knew that was it. I was super dissapointed in myself and felt like I should have been able to just push through it. I had an appointment with my Dr. yesterday and I have shin splints. Yeah. Awesome. That means running is out, for as long as I'm having any pain and then I have to wean myself back into it. I'm thankful it was nothing worse but I'll admit I feel very frustrated and defeated and discouraged at the moment.

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